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What Glass Lean-To Roof Options Are Available?

What Glass Lean-To Roof Options Are Available?

Here at Natralight, we specialise in providing standard and sliding rooflights and structural glazing. One of our most popular products is our glass lean-to rooflights, with us carrying out projects on anything from churches to hotels. However, we often get asked what types of glass lean-to roof options are available. Therefore, in our latest blog, we thought that we’d explore our range and give our customers a good understanding of what they can do. 

What Are Glass Lean-To Roofs? 

Here at Natralight, we specialise in providing bespoke glass lean-to roofs all around the world. However, we offer two types of lean-to glass roof lights for you to choose from as a starting point. These are: 

The corner lean-to roof light is a box type of roof light, designed to fit onto the exterior of your property. With these roof lights, you’re guaranteed the most natural light possible thanks to their ultra-slim aluminium framing. This makes it the perfect modern alternative to a traditional glass conservatory roof. 

Natralight’s lean-to roof lights are perfect for maximising the natural light in your building. Thanks to our team of designers, our lean-to roof lights can provide a more contemporary looking glass roof that is aesthetically pleasing from both the inside and outside. Made to measure using glass joints, our glass lean-to roof lights are a versatile addition to any building. 

With other aluminium roof systems, the base of the glass units and rafters are often left exposed where they sail over guttering. This results in poor insulation and a higher risk of condensation forming at the bottom of the glass. However, Natralight’s glass lean-to roof light system keeps these insulated within the roof beam structure to ensure a far superior roof.

Can I Customise the Glass Lean-To Roof Lights?

The two types of glass lean-to roofing that we’ve just mentioned are starting points for a project. Thanks to our in-house CAD design and a vast array of experience, we are proud to be able to offer bespoke products. We understand that no two projects are the same, and so our team are always prepared to collaborate on a new challenge. 

There are a vast array of customisation options available for our customers, from the powdered coating in any RAL colour, to fully made to measure projects on anything from listed churches to metropolitan properties. 

With energy-efficient qualities and the ability to flood any room that they’re in with beautiful natural light, our bespoke glass lean-to roof lights are perfect for a wide range of situations. 

Kingsway Hall Hotel - Central London

One example of this is when Natralight completed work on the Kingsway Hall Hotel in Central London, collaborating with contractor Ellmer Construction. Our team was asked to design, manufacture and install glass lean-to roof lights with glass support beams on the underside of the four-star luxury hotel. As you can see below, the results were breathtaking, and our clients were left more than satisfied. 

Our past projects couldn’t be more different from each other, which shows our versatility and ability to adapt to new projects. Probably the best example of this is when our team created and installed glass lean-to roof lights to a 500-year-old church

Interested in Collaborating with Natralight? Get in Touch Today

If you would be interested in discussing a bespoke glass lean-to roof for your next project, please get in touch. Our friendly and experienced team are professionally trained to assist you throughout every aspect of your installation, from start to finish. This is accompanied by a continuous attitude to provide the best possible customer service. 

Here at Natralight, we’re committed to constantly improving and are always looking to develop as a company. Even after over thirty years in the natural lighting and glazing industry, we’re consistently developing a high tech approach to improving designs, material types and finishes. Our team loves a challenge and will work tirelessly to grant you the roof light of your dreams.