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Considering flat fixed rooflights from Natralight

Considering flat fixed rooflights from Natralight

Here at Natralight, we are often asked about the difference between rooflights and skylights, and the answer is not very much.

The terms have been used interchangeably with some saying rooflights are only for flat roofs whilst skylights are only used on pitched roofs, but this is not necessarily true. 

Natralight have a fantastic range of roof and skylights for flat roofs that will flood your home or commercial property with natural light. Whether you are looking for a classic design or something a little more modernised; we have everything you need. 

You will get a great design and durability with every purchase that is able to withstand the most extreme British weather conditions.

Flat fixed rooflights tailored to your property

A rooflight installed on a flat makes an instant difference in terms of lighting, ventilation and overall style. They are easily fitted and incredibly low profile, so it's not surprising many homes now have them as a feature.

We have a vast range of different rooflight options that will suit any style or building, emphasising quality during manufacturing. 

Rooflights add significant value to your property with the least amount of planning or hassle and will really enhance a room or space. 

The sleek design of a flat glass rooflight is the best choice for any modern home. Double glazing offers better thermal efficiency when compared to traditional domes plus they are available in standard and bespoke sizes. 

Given the ultra-slim and contemporary design means our roof windows are ideal for modern orangeries and roofs where plenty of natural light is needed. 

Contact us with any questions

If you need further information about any of the options in the Natralight range, please do not hesitate to get in touch now. 

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