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Sliding Rooflights for the Savvy Household

Sliding Rooflights for the Savvy Household

For many people, especially in built up locations like London, Birmingham, Manchester and Stoke-on-Trent, they don't have the luxury of a full garden, and have to resort to roof gardens to get the experience they crave.

We at Natralight are proud to have over 30 years of experience in providing a complete range of standard and sliding rooflights - and consider ourselves to be expert designers, manufacturers and installers. 

The flexibility of our design and construction means that no two designs will ever be the same, and our standard and sliding rooflights are available to be customised to a very high degree.

We're all about providing a bespoke design - helping you to be completely satisfied with your new rooflight or other installation. If you're not into bespoke design, then we also offer a selection of off the shelf sliding rooflights - allowing us to complete your install much quicker due to the lack of design and manufacture delay. 

Sliding Rooflights to Enhance Your Home

Only the highest quality of materials go into our installs. 

Our priority is to fulfil the practical and aesthetic needs of each and every project we undertake, and that's why we're considered industry leaders.

We can provide full sliding rooflights which are designed to allow extra ventilation and optimum natural light into the space below - giving you full control regarding daylight and ventilation. Often, we provide either an electric or manual full slide rooflight which retracts onto a roof area, providing access to a potential roof garden.

These are generally available within 9-10 weeks and price is available on application.

Other options include a half sliding rooflight, which feature a half sliding section which retracts over a second fixed section of glazing.

Also available is a bi-parting slide, perfect for restricted roof spaces - which can come with fail safe, rain sensors and remote controls.

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