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Sliding Rooflights with Many Architectural Options

Sliding Rooflights with Many Architectural Options

Sliding rooflights are a highly versatile option for roof spaces. Whether incorporated into a flat roof or as part of an angled pitched roof, there are many options. These are either a standard “off the shelf” product or can be developed and made bespoke by our highly skilled team of designers and engineers. Such versatility means that projects across a range of budgets can be accommodated at Natralight.

Sliding Rooflights for Light, Ventilation and Access

Adding sliding rooflights to an extension can be a clever way to improve lighting and ventilation. Where a building has been extended on the ground floor to provide more living space, or a kitchen/dining area has been added. Having sliding roof lights allows more natural light inside which makes the space inside feel more welcoming and connected to the outside world.

Where space is at a premium, sometimes the only option is to go upwards. Here, access to a roof terrace can be achieved through a box sliding roof light. The structure allows easy access by a stairway. The person ascending experiences the full effect of outdoor light before they step onto the roof garden. This solution has proven popular with architects and designers as they use their knowledge and skills to create and maximise limited urban spaces for their clients. We build these structures and install them to the highest of standards. Whether operated electrically or manually, there are a range of mechanical options to open and close them. So that the property owner can make the most of good weather and shelter from the bad.

Specify Sliding Rooflights from Natralight

Architects and designers can specify sliding rooflights from Natralight for virtually any type of building. For more details about any of our products, please contact us. We will be happy to discuss your projects requirements further and offer a fantastic architectural solution.