Our Fire Rated Roof Lights

30 to 60 minute integrity and insulation fire rated Rooflights

More often than not, safety products struggle to achieve that balance between being aesthetically pleasing and being functional. Natralight however, has designed our Fire Rated Roof Lights with aesthetics and safety in mind. Our rooflights are not only stylish and allow an optimum level of natural light into the room below but also feature a high-temperature resistance. 

Fire-resistant glass is used to prevent a fire spreading plus it provides a safe escape route and safe access for residents, staff and firefighters.

Here at Natralight, we work with Warringtonfire, one of the leading fire safety companies which helps us to maintain our quality assurance for customers and makes sure that every fire fixed flat rooflight that we produce is of the highest industry and safety standards.

Here’s a brief guide to our fire testing process -

Glass and framing are installed into a test furnace and a flame is lit to imitate a real live fire. The temperature of the glass is then measured, and the integrity ratings are based on the amount of time the glass remains intact within the frame. Once testing is complete the glazing will be given a fire rating between 30 to 60-minute integrity, this gives you an idea as to how long the glass will prevent the spread of smoke and fire.

If you’re looking to specify fire-rated glazing such as fixed flat rooflights for a new building, we would recommend letting us know as soon as possible so we can factor this into the design.

Safety glass also doesn’t provide the level of protection fire-rated glazing does, so we would strongly advise against using this as an alternative.

We are regularly specified fire-rated rooflights for projects right across the country; including cities such as London and Birmingham.

To find out more about our Fire Rated Rooflights, click on the product above.

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