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What Is a Glass Lean to Roof?

What Is a Glass Lean to Roof?

With over 30 years of experience in the natural lighting and glazing industry, we are specialists in glass lean to roof installs, standard and sliding roof lights and structural glazing. 

Based in West Bromwich, we at Natralight are experts in designing, manufacturing and installing a huge range of standard and sliding rooflights.

Only the highest quality materials go into our projects, which are used to enable us to create striking roof lights in contemporary or traditional styles. With our glass lean to roof lights, there's no limit to what can be done. 

We offer a completely bespoke service that allows you to be completely satisfied with your new installation.

Maximum Light Transmission with a Glass Lean to Roof Solution

All of our low pitched, flat glazed, frameless glass rooflights provide maximum light transmission to the area below it. 

As a highly technical construction, our technicians precisely cut aluminium sheets which are then welder with the glass, before the structure is then thoroughly cleaned down and coated. 

One of the main benefits of a glass lean to roof structure is that it allows you to flood your space with natural light, and provides a cost effective option for those looking to create extra space in their property.

The positive health effects of exposure to sunlight have long been known, and as well as this, choosing a glass lean to roof means you can reduce your exposure to flourescent lighting - as well as improving your mood and how productive you are!

If that doesn't improve your mood - the amount you'll reduce your lighting bills by certainly will.

Contact us for Glass Lean to Roof Installations

If you require more information about our glass lean to roof installations, then please give our expert team a call at your soonest opportunity. We're more than happy to discuss the needs of your project and how we can help as structural glazing experts.