February 2018

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Health, Safety and General Welfare


Statement by


John Gould, Director Responsible for H&S Natralight Limited

1.             Overall responsibility for Health and Safety is vested in me by virtue of my appointment as the Director responsible for Health and Safety within Natralight Ltd. This document sets out the Health and Safety Statement of Intent for Natralight Ltd.

2.             It reflects the importance I personally attach to protecting the environment and to the health, safety and welfare of all my employees and of all other persons who may be affected by our/their acts or omissions.

3.             The purpose of the health and safety to encourage the ownership, commitment and compliance at all levels of the business and to provide a framework to establish and review health and safety policies, objectives and guidance across the business.

4.             The senior management of Natralight recognises the importance of Health and Safety and is committed to both its legal and moral Health and Safety obligations. The senior management will support this by demonstrating top level commitment to health and safety policy, individual responsibilities and staff training whilst ensuring that health and safety is represented across the business. The senior management sees the development of a positive safety culture across the business as an essential part of Natralight’s continued success.

Natralight will, as an essential part of its business process aim to:

               Maintain compliance with any statutory national laws, regulations or directives placed upon it by external regulatory bodies (both UK & EU). To continuously manage, develop and improve its health and safety related policies, strategies and processes to meet these responsibilities and to achieve industry best practice across the organisation.

               Provide a safe working environment for all employees, contractors, visitors and any others who may be affected by its activities or omissions.

               Conduct a regular programme of inspections and assessments to assess risk, identify and eliminate unsafe conditions/practices and to control and reduce any hazards found in the working environment.

               Promptly investigate every accident, incident, occupational health issue and near miss to determine their cause and prevent reoccurrence. To report, where required, any accident or incident that should be subject to the Reporting of Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 2013 (RIDDOR).

               Make provision for adequate first aid arrangements, welfare facilities and wellbeing at work.

               Provide and maintain safe routes of access/egress as required under The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

               Ensure that this policy statement is communicated and maintained across all levels of the organisation.

               Ensure that all employees agree, as part of their contract of employment to comply with the individual duties placed upon them by law. Failure to comply with Health and Safety duties, regulations, local procedures etc. will be regarded as a serious breach and may lead to disciplinary action being taken.

               Review and /or revise the health and safety policy and statement annually or at times of significant change.

It is also the duty of every Natralight employee to:

               Exercise reasonable care for the health, safety and welfare of themselves and others who may be affected by their actions or omissions. To report any unsafe act, condition or occurrence at the earliest opportunity.

               Co-operate with the management, as far as may be necessary, to enable the Natralight to carry out its legal duties in respect of health, safety and welfare matters.

               Not to intentionally or recklessly interfere with any rules or equipment provided by Natralight in the interests of health, safety or welfare.

(Hard Copy Signed & Displayed)


John Gould


Director for H&S


Natralight Ltd


Dated: 12 February 2018