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Bringing Natural light and energy into your building with a Flat Fixed Rooflight

Bringing Natural light and energy into your building with a Flat Fixed Rooflight

Environmentally friendly manufactured fixed flat, safe glass rooflight product range designed with our latest development for retaining and conserving Natural energy.

Natralight offer a cost effective bespoke design that will add more natural light to your rooms, as well as giving them excellent thermal value.

Home designers from LivingEtc have named rooflights as one of the must have’s for your new kitchen. Flat fixed rooflights will give your room an airy feel and match your sleek design.

Here at Natralight we also offer a flat or curved fixed rooflight, giving you the option, depending on the look you want to achieve.

Flat Fixed Rooflights Brought to Life by CAD Designs

Computer Aided Design or CAD for short, has changed the way the world works, especially for architects and companies like us who create innovative glazing solutions.

Effectively replacing pen and paper design methods, it allows us to plan, simulate and produce new ideas all within one program. One of the biggest benefits of using CAD software, is that we can iron out any issues with glazing installations before manufacturing begins.

Accredited Providers of Flat Fixed Rooflights

Natralight displays our commitment to the highest standards is with accreditations from glazing industry leading bodies including, the Glass and Glazing Federation, Safety Schemes in Procurement and Constructionline as well as ISO14001 (re-affirming our commitment to environmental management) and ISO 18001 (compliance to health and safety assessment series).

Talk to Us About Flat Fixed Rooflights 

Boasting over three decades of providing a wide range of glazing, including flat fixed rooflights, Natralight will give you a comprehensive and professional service. We are based in the heart of the Midlands in West Bromwich, making us well equipped to deal with projects right across the country. We have an impressive catalogue of fixed flat rooflights in London, as well as nationally and in Europe too. 

Contact us today to see how we can transform your living spaces with flat fixed rooflights.