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If you are in the process of choosing some improvements to your home or other buildings, rooflights by Natralight might be the perfect option. With more than 30 years of experience when it comes to structural glazing, we can create some truly stunning rooflights with practical features.

Lean to Glazing

What Rooflight Types Do You Supply?

Our range includes off the shelf options, as well as completely bespoke units. The main rooflight types we supply are:

Sliding rooflights – Our sliding rooflights feature a side opening mechanism for maximum ventilation as well as letting in natural light.

Frameless glass rooflights – Frameless glass rooflights use the latest in rooflight technology: glass to glass joints.

Glass lean to roof installations – Ideal for connecting different areas of your property in a glass link style, or for creating extra interior space.

Structural glass roof installations - An impressive option for buildings pf all kinds, creating a dramatic look internally and externally.

Is My Roof Suitable for Rooflights?

Our rooflights can be installed in all kinds of roofs, but some are better suited to certain roof types than others. The best way to know whether sliding rooflights, frameless glass rooflights, or structural glass roof and structural glass roof installations are going to be best for your property is to get in touch with us. Our experts are always more than happy to discuss your options and help come up with the perfect design.

Having an in house design team lets us match your rooflights to your building perfectly. Some of the roof types we regularly work with include:

Gabled or pitched roofs

Flat roofs and roof terraces


M-shaped roofs


Of course, there are more unusual roof types out there which are just perfect for rooflight installations. If your roof is one of these more unusual varieties, get in touch to discuss your requirements with us.

Are Rooflights Difficult to Keep Clean?

Glazing technology is rapidly becoming more high tech, and this has led to some fantastic developments in glass care. For example, special glass coatings can be added to your rooflights which keep dirt and grime at bay. This means you can enjoy a clear view for longer! As and when needed, the rooflights can be cleaned like any regular glazing. 

How do the Rooflights Operate?

While our fixed rooflights and walk on glass do not move when in situ, we offer a complete range of opening rooflights. An example would be our sliding rooflights; these feature glass panels which slide over one another to form an opening. We also design and manufacture hinged opening rooflights which open more like a traditional window.


A choice of operating mechanisms adds the finishing touch to your new installation. Manual operation is a popular option whereby the rooflights need to be opened by hand. This is convenient for rooflights within easy reach, but for more difficult to access installations we offer the option of remote controlled opening. For the ultimate in rooflight convenience, however, you can opt for our top of the range automatically opening and closing rooflights complete with rain sensors. 

Do Your Rooflights Come with a Warranty? 

All our rooflights come with a minimum five year warranty for your peace of mind. We are also members of several organisations such as UKAS.

How Can I Get a Quote on Your Rooflights?

You can get a quote on our rooflights, discuss your requirements, or get some more general information by giving us a call, or filling in the form on our ‘Contact Us’ page. We are always on hand to offer you any help, advice and information you may need when it comes to our rooflights and structural glazing.