Rooflights and Structural Glass

Rooflights and Structural Glass by Natralight

Frameless glass rooflights allow you to fill your room with natural sunlight, and offer fantastic views due to their frameless nature. They can be made bespoke to your needs in a range of shapes and sizes.

Frameless Glass Rooflights 

Walk on rooflight structures are load bearing glass rooflights, perfect for adding an interesting dynamic to the roof terrace of venues, commercial buildings, homes and more. 

Walk on glass roofs make for an impressive feature for any property.

A structural glass roof can be made bespoke to your requirements with a range of options to personalise them to your needs. They give you a bright and airy space to enjoy. 

A glass lean to roof is a sleek and attractive alternative to traditional brick and mortar extensions. We can design and make them to your requirements, in modern and traditional styles.

Lean to Glass Roof 

Sliding rooflights offer versatile roof terrace access and ventilation. They can be the ideal rooflight solution in smaller spaces, where traditional, fully opening rooflights may not be practical.


Sliding Rooflights