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Best Glass for Curved Rooflights Installations

Best Glass for Curved Rooflights Installations

Innovative curved rooflights are one of the hottest design additions used by architects and property developers today. 

Ensuring you pick the right kind for your home’s aesthetic while being functional is important, and Natralight is here to guide you. Safety is a primary concern too. You can be assured of quality glazing from manufacture to installation, while guaranteeing compliance with the latest Building Regulations.

From practical and style perspectives, here are the characteristics of this type of glazing:

Single glazed curved rooflights 

The Natralight team believe the best glass for singled glazed curved rooflights is laminated annealed glass or polycarbonate.

Double glazed curved rooflights

The outer pane of your curved rooflights should be toughened glass whereas the inner pane may be toughened or laminated depending on its location and height above the ground.

Triple glazed curved rooflights

For triple glazed curved rooflights, neutral solar control glass has a special coating that provides improved solar control appearing in a neutral colour, with a slight grey/green tint.

Performance Factors for Curved Rooflights

Low e-coating offers improved thermal efficiency retaining more heat within your building.

Tinted anti-sun toughened glass can be used on the outer pane and combined with low e-coating to reduce solar heat gain in the summer.

The Natralight curved rooflights can be installed with a fixed or slide opening for ventilation. Their curved-shaped edge allows rainwater to disperse easily. The incorporation of manual opening vents delivers maximum ventilation for your rooms below.

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The Natralight team has over 30 years for experience providing the best glazing solutions to a host of markets. Contact us today and speak to our friendly and knowledgeable team and we can get started on the design of your curved rooflights which will offer a stylish new look to your home.