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Sliding Rooflights for Spring and Summer

Sliding Rooflights for Spring and Summer

Sliding rooflights are a great addition to any living space. Now that the winter months are behind us and March has heralded the start of Spring. The lighter mornings and evenings can be enjoyed fully through roof top glazing from Natralight. Our sliding rooflights are manufactured by highly skilled engineers here in the United Kingdom and expert installation means you can be enjoying plenty of natural light cascading into the interior of your building. Fantastic quality double and triple glazing will provide first class insulation against cool weather and the changeable British climate. 

Ventilation and Access with Sliding Rooflights

We offer several types of sliding rooflights:

Box Type Sliding Rooflights

When you want to create a space on a flat roof for relaxing and entertaining outdoors, the box type sliding rooflights are perfect for enabling you to gain access. Space is at a premium in many of our towns and cities, so this an ideal way to gain outdoor space and add value to a property. Electrically powered for smooth and controlled operation, they are specially constructed to the specifications of the location.

Flat Sliding Rooflights

There are three different models in this category. Choose from Bi-Parting, Full Sliding or Half Sliding Rooflights. These provide a variety of options depending upon whether there are any restrictions on the access area. Superbly engineered with the option of electrical or manual operation. There are also additional extras like rain sensors, so you never need be caught out in a downpour!

Sliding rooflights also let the summer heat of a city escape and allow a refreshing breeze in to your home or business.       

Discover More About Sliding Rooflights

To find out more about sliding rooflights from Natralight, please contact us. We can supply you with any technical data and a quote for standard and bespoke sizes and specifications.