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Structural Glass Roof Installations for Summer

Structural Glass Roof Installations for Summer

A structural glass roof is the best way to make the most of the summer. You get the benefits of allowing more natural sun light into your home. With longer hours of daylight and the sun sitting higher in the sky during this season, structural glazing is the answer to making the interior of a building look more expansive and brighter.

Seamlessly connecting the interior with the outside of your home you will enjoy the daylight with all its changing weather conditions from beneath a canopy of high technology glass.   

Enjoy Natural Light with a Structural Glass Roof

We have installed our structural glass roof systems in a wide variety of properties and situations up and down the country. Each one is a unique project with its own characteristics. A recent installation in Cirencester saw bespoke builds for two levels. An upstairs level roof illuminated the landing and stairs leading to the floor below, allowing natural light to cascade down from a double height ceiling. The expansive kitchen and dining area is lit from a high specification structural glass roof running the entire length of the area. 


Structural Glass Roof Solutions from Natralight

When space is at a premium, which is often the case in modern cities, it is not always possible to have the option of larger windows. With architectural constraints in relation to allowing light in through conventional windows, the answer might be to look up. When making a conversion to your home’s existing layout or building an extension, the addition of a structural glass roof is a practical and stylish solution. Expertly manufactured here in the United Kingdom by Natralight it is sure to add a wow factor to your property while combining excellent thermal properties and structural integrity. To find out more about having a structural glass roof, please contact us today.