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Lean-To Rooflights Modernise 500-Year Old Church

Lean-To Rooflights Modernise 500-Year Old Church

Natralight was chosen to update the look of a St. Mary’s, 500-year old church in Newport, Gwent with stylish lean-to rooflights.

The framing needed to be built around the wall buttresses to the church and spanned onto a modernised extension roof.

Natralight manufactured and install the glazing in a contemporary style of glass to glass silicone bonded joints which were externally supported by aluminium T sections internally which provide minimalist views from the interior providing maximum natural light transmission.

Why Choose Lean-To Roof Glazing

Natralight utilises cutting edge technology to design, manufacture and fit lean-to glazing on a wide range of properties all over the country. 

Our designers use the latest CAD software to design your rooflights with meticulous detail that ensures for a smooth installation process.

Using aluminium for extra strength, our structural glass installations also use a premium-quality powder coating to complete the look of your new rooflights.

With a conventional aluminium roofing system, the base of the glass units and rafters are left exposed where they sail over the guttering. This results in poor insulation and a higher risk of condensation forming internally on the bottom of the glass units. 

Natralight's lean-to rooflight system eliminates these problems as the rafters and the base of the glass units remain insulated within the roof beam structure which means your roof has superior insulation.

Whilst lean-to roolfights are a perfect addition to kitchen and dining areas, they also slot perfectly into older larger ecclesiastical properties such as St. Mary's Church.

They give your home or property greater energy efficiency, with more emphasis on using solar power instead of electrical lighting plus they offer more ventilation.

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