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The structureless glass that is produced at Natralight to creating an extended glazed wall that is frameless held together by a clear silicone seal. These glazed links are perfect for the office environment or for a minimal housing appearance where maximum light will be exposed. All the glass used within the links is manufactured to bespoke specifications being able to match any request provided upon.

Can Glazed Links be added to any property?

Glazed links offer a visually stunning architectural design which is ideal for listed and historical buildings, as they are an unobtrusive way of extending these building structures. By the same token, glass links are a luxurious addition for contemporary properties, linking two living spaces. 

Habitual spaces will also benefit from an all-glass indoor space plus offering the highest amount of light enhances the health and wellbeing of occupants in highly-glazed spaces. 

Natralight's range of glass links can be constructed using single glazing or insulating glass units for a thermally efficient installation. Opening elements such as doors can be integrated into a structural glass construction that gives you freedom of movement between spaces. 
We will work closely with your chosen architects to ensure connections between the glass and existing building is minimalistic and seamless. Fixing methods can also be bespoke to your specific requirements. 

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