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Automated Sliding Rooflights by Natralight

Automated Sliding Rooflights by Natralight

Bespoke rooflights by Natralight come in all shapes and sizes, and with decades of expertise behind their design and construction.

Our knowledge in the field has allowed us to refine the processes we use, so we can produce a high-quality product which will give you years of enjoyment and practical use. For the ultimate convenience when it comes to your new sliding rooflights, you may want to consider our range of automated sliding rooflights. 

What Are Automated Sliding Rooflights?

Automated slide opening rooflights allow you to either completely or partially slide one glass section over the other to allow the best levels of ventilation possible, as well as allowing plenty of natural light into the room below. They work by using quiet motors incorporated into the framework, to smoothly open the rooflight section, and are a fantastic alternative to our manually opening rooflights. 

As we carry out complete design, manufacture, and installation service, you can choose from a range of other high quality, practical range of extras and we will incorporate into your personal sliding rooflight design.

If you are unsure which features will be most useful for your particular installation, then we can offer you all the help and guidance you may need, or take a look at our FAQs.

Natralight's range of sliding rooflights include bi-parting, full sliding and half sliding specifications.

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