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Boxed Rooflights can refresh vintage properties

Boxed Rooflights can refresh vintage properties

Boxed rooflights are becoming one of the most popular options for developers and architects looking to add something new to older properties.

Space is fast becoming a premium in listed properties, especially in bigger cities such as London, so often the option to extend upwards is the logical way forward.

Around 20 per cent of households live in flats in the UK, meaning they have no garden or balcony space. This is also an issue for people living in apartments.

A rooftop terrace or garden are a great way of maximising these sort of properties.

You will need to follow these Building Regulations for a rooftop terrace extension –

Approved Document K sets out the requirements that must be met to prevent injuries due to falls, collisions and impacts.

Approved Document A requires combined dead, imposed and wind loads are sustained and transmitted the ground safely without causing any deformation to any part of the building.

Approved Document Q covers the standards for doors and windows to resist physical attack by burglars. This notably applies to single storey extensions, including those with boxed rooflights.

Boxed rooflights provide stylish access to your rooftop terrace

Here at Natralight we offer the stylish sliding boxed rooflights with fixed vertical panels providing a balustrade to the perimeter of the opening to the rooftop terrace.

The sliding boxed rooflights are also electrically operated as standard with unique features such as safety edge sensor, rain sensor, remote control (with battery backup available) and external keypad entry. The Natralight installation team have plenty of fitting rooflights in older properties too.

Speak to our team about boxed rooflights 

Based in the heart of the country in West Bromwich, Natralight offer a bespoke range of boxed rooflights that can be designed and manufactured to fit your property.

Contact our team today and we talk through your specifications and advise you on the best solution.