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Sliding Rooflights for Every Need

Sliding Rooflights for Every Need

Here at Natralight, we offer a complete range of sliding rooflights, including bi-parting, full sliding and half sliding options. They each have their own benefits, as bi-parting sliding rooflights are ideal for giving access to roof terraces, whilst being contained to a compact profile. Full sliding rooflights offer complete ventilation and natural light and can be installing with remote opening which allows the complete control of ventilation. The half sliding rooflights consist of two glass panels, with one sliding over the other in order to provide adequate ventilation.

Sliding Rooflights With Added Extras

Our sliding rooflights come with a completely bespoke service, allowing us to customise your solution with practical features and to your specifications. These features include options of a fail safe and rain sensors.

Moreover, you can add accessories such as keyfobs and self-cleaning kits to make your experience as easy and stress free as possible. The self-cleaning kits are a specialist coating that is applied to the rooflights, making the amount of maintenance required to keep your surfaces clean at a minimal level.

Our over 30 years of experience in the natural lighting and glazing industry allows us to offer bespoke options that are customisable to a very high degree – ensuring you’re completely satisfied with your sliding rooflights and that your rooflight won’t be the same as any other in the country. We’re also able to offer a selection of off the shelf standard sliding rooflights if your tastes require that.

Contact us for more Information on Sliding Rooflights

If you’re interested in finding out more information regarding our sliding rooflights, or any of our range of products, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We offer innovative in-house CAD design and quick lead times, meaning you could be enjoying your new sliding rooflights sooner than you expected.