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Natralight Fire Rated Rooflights can be independently tested or assessed and certified to 30 or 60-minute integrity and insulation where necessary.

All Natralight Fire Rated Rooflights can be assessed and tested before installation for high-temperature resistance.

Roof lights can be manufactured with various glazing options including Walk-on specifications.

How We Test Fire Rated Rooflights 

If you'd like to know more about our fire testing process for rooflights, below is the procedure we undertake for all fire-rated products - 

  • Glass and framing are installed into a test furnace and a flame is lit to imitate a real live fire. The temperature of the glass is then measured, and the integrity ratings are based on the amount of time the glass remains intact within the frame.
  • Once testing is complete the glazing will be given a fire rating between 30 to 60-minute integrity, this gives you an idea as to how long the glass will prevent the spread of smoke and fire.
  • If you’re looking to specify fire-rated glazing such as fixed flat rooflights for a new building, we would recommend letting us know as soon as possible so we can factor this into the design.

Safety glass also doesn’t provide the level of protection fire-rated glazing does, so we would strongly advise against using this as an alternative.

Complying with Building Regulations

UK Building Regulations Approved Document B (2006 edition amended 2007) sets out the rules for fire safety of buildings. In Section B2, internal fire spread is covered and applies to linings of both the roof and walls of buildings. In general, these are the surface spread of flame requirements to BS476 Part 7 (typically Class 1 and 3) or to BS EN 13501 Part 1 (typically Class C-s3,D2 or Class D-s3,d2). Section B4 covers external fire spread and applies to external coverings or roofs and walls. Generally, these are fire resistance requirements to BS476 Part 3 (typically AA and AB) or BS EN 13501 Part 5 (usually BROOF(t4)).

Fire-rated glass rooflight products are specially designed and their performance is guaranteed through our high-quality design methods. Fire-rated products can provide integrity only or integrity and insulation depending on the specification of the product. 

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Our fire-rated rooflights combine high-temperature resistance with maximum exposure to natural light, so if you'd like to know more about our products please get in touch today.

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