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St. James Offices - Bermondsey

St. James Offices - Bermondsey

Natralight worked with Greenaway Architecture to create additional office space with a contemporary rooftop extension at the St. James Offices in Bermondsey.

Utilising our walk-on rooflights, the new workspace overlooks the White Cube Gallery alongside a further two-storey rear closet wing extension. This rationalises and opens up the floor plates which increase its functionality. 

The client also increased the sizes of the windows, that coupled with the rooflight, offer optimum levels of natural light, amenity and an outlook nearby.

St. James Offices' new ground floor and reception were created by converting an existing garage and have a facade remodelled to enhance both the external appearance and internal outlook. The company also decided to complete extensive internal and external refurbishments during this time. 

The new rooftop area has created a spacious private outdoor space in the heart of London, which is aimed at increasing the wellbeing of the building's users. 

Contemporary Rooftop Extensions with Walk on Rooflights

Back in the 1980's businesses discovered that the biggest detrimental factor to productivity was the lack of natural light into their buildings. From this point, many business owners have started to factor rooflights into their designs to help address this. 

It doesn't matter if you have walk-on rooflights in your commercial property or your home; once installed they will instantly create a wow factor that instantly increases the value of the building. For homes especially, you can create a new social space with a roof terrace or even a loft conversion.

This can be very appealing for properties in London, where options to extend are often limited in residential areas and if the building is listed.

Here at Natralight, we specialise in bespoke solutions for our customers, with our walk-on glass available in any shape or size.

If you would like to read more about walk-on glass installations by Natralight, check out our case study from a luxurious property on the French Riviera.

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