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All you need to know about specifying frameless glass rooflights

All you need to know about specifying frameless glass rooflights

If you have decided on having rooflights for your home or business, specifying frameless versions have a host of benefits.

The type of skylight that you choose will have a massive impact on the overall appearance of the property (inside and out) plus the amount of natural light that will fill the space. 

Roof windows are designed to allow the maximum amount of light into a space, featuring minimal fixings and frames, so when you look up all you will see is a clear expanse of glass. 

What are the benefits of specifying a frameless rooflight?

There are a number of reasons to opt for a frameless rooflight, from aesthetics to saving energy. Here are some benefits to consider - 

Uninterrupted views - A frameless design which means the residents of the building will see nothing but beautiful skies when they look through the rooflight. There is no frame to block any part of the view which makes for a more open and airy feel.

Boost natural light - Daylight has plenty of benefits for your health and wellbeing plus it is a cost and carbon-free alternative to electric lights. Opting for frameless rooflights ensure the maximum amount of sunlight shines into the room. You also have the option to install a number of units adjacent to another which creates a glazed ceiling that will vastly increase the natural light. 

Architecturally attractive - A bulky frame stands out and can be a bit of an eye-sore that negatively affects the interior design and the exterior appearance of your property. With a frameless skylight, you can enjoy a much more streamlined appearance and a striking architectural feature. 

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