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Everything You Need to Know Glass Lean-to Roofs

Everything You Need to Know Glass Lean-to Roofs

Lean-to glass roofs from Natralight will help you to create a light-filled space in a modern home design. The ultra-slim aluminium framing means you will get more glass and light, giving you a contemporary alternative to a traditional glass conservatory roof.

For our latest blog, Natralight will discuss the different options when using lean-to glazed roofs on your property.

Full Glass Roofs Explained

Natralight's glass roofs use ultra-slim aluminium framing to create large glass roofs with minimal framing. 

Available in a range of pitches these glazed roofs can be used to create light-filled extensions plus modern conservatories for any property. Frames are available in a selection of powder-coated colours such as white, black and grey. These colours can be mixed together for a dual colour finish with a white internal frame and a grey or black external finish. 

These modular glass roofs are a cost-effective alternative to structural glazing with unique fixing details which mean the installation is quick and efficient with minimal construction time on-site.

Create a Glazed Extension

Full thermal breaks and highly efficient insulating glass within our aluminium roof framing means that high levels of thermal insulation can be achieved. These far surpass competing aluminium roofing systems available elsewhere. Additionally, our enhanced aluminium engineering allows us to offer substantial wind and snow loading capabilities for increased security. 

Combining lean-to roofs with bi-folding doors with slim aluminium patio doors means you can create a full glass extension or conservatory, which all can have thermally broken aluminium framing. 

Choosing the Right Glass

Glass roofs from Natralight are engineered with a low maintenance coating to the glazing as standard. This makes them easier to clean and maintain which makes it more difficult for dirt to stick to the glazing and makes it easier to clean. 

You will need to ensure that adequate shading has been considered for the glazed space to reduce overheating. Natralight's glass units are designed with solar control qualities which reduce solar radiation coming into the area; reducing overheating. Higher grade solar control coatings can be used if required. 

Contact Us With Any Questions

If you have any questions about glass lean-to roofs, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Natralight today.