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Making Structural Glass a Feature of Your Home

Making Structural Glass a Feature of Your Home

When choosing a glazing system for your next home project, it is important to understand the benefits of structural glass systems from Natralight.

Structurally bonded systems are perfectly suited to contemporary style homes, with their minimal appearance allowing the glazing to be the main feature. 

For our latest blog, Natralight will talk you through the numerous benefits of structurally glazed systems.

Why Should I Choose Structural Glass?

Slim Sightlines - Slim sightlines are one of the main priorities of luxury new build projects with structurally bonded considered superior to bonded. Minimal sightlines from just 20mmm can be achieved using structural glass. 

The structural bonding ensures the frame is permanently fixed to the glass, increase the level of security. When a project is striving for specific security requirements bonded systems are the best choice. 

Manufacturing - During the manufacturing, our systems are designed to have the glass structurally bonded into the frame. More secure than beaded systems, this eliminates the risk of someone being able to take it apart. 

Design - Structurally bonded systems are the perfect choice for many different home designs. Whether it's contemporary new builds, traditional countryside homes and anything in between, high-quality structural glass systems are perfectly suited.

Structure - Due to the strong nature of structural bonding, the systems can act as a structural element within a build. 

Talk to the Specialists at Natralight

If you are looking to add a structural glass roof or an extension to your home, please do not hesitate to contact Natralight today for a no-obligation quote.

Our team of experts have three decades of experience and will be able to answer any questions you may have. We also flat fixed rooflights plus box slider options.

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