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Great Walk on Glass Floor Ideas

Great Walk on Glass Floor Ideas

Until a few years ago walk-on glass seemed like something impossible or seriously scary to do, but advances in the glazing industry have made this a quality addition to homes all over the world.

This can be a great feature of an ultra-modern home, creating a sense of lightness and helping homeowners to connect with their surroundings or other home interiors.

Contemporary walk-on glazing from Natralight is strong and durable plus resistant to static and dynamic loads. Our glass floors are constructed with specially designed mounting hardware and can be composed of a single glass panel, like a ceiling window or multiple tiles, used for decorating a small floor area or an entire floor. 

For this blog, we will share some ideas of how you can incorporate walk on glass into your home.

Where Can I Use Walk On Glass?

Here are a number of areas you can use walk-on glazing in your property -

The most popular use of walk-on glazing for our customers is for the rooftop terrace, giving homeowners a focal point plus a way to flood the room below with natural light

If you have the luxury of an upstairs dining room, using glass floors for part of the room will add a touch of class to the room

A great way to connect the floors of your home is by using glass floors for an upstairs walkway, which also creates the illusion of more room and makes your home feel fresher

If you have added glass balustrades to your home, installing glass floors will complete this unique and fully glazed look

Get in Touch with Any Questions

If you have any questions about walk-on glass, please do not hesitate to contact Natralight today. 

Our team of specialists have decades of experience in delivering rooflights and glass floors for customers right across the country; including parts of Westminster and other areas of London.

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