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How Glass Roofs Offer Unlimited Design Possibilities

How Glass Roofs Offer Unlimited Design Possibilities

Beyond flat fixed rooflights and lanterns, the installation of a glass roof can help you achieve a modern and sleek home design.

Natralight's bespoke systems are made to order with the customer choosing their own customisations.

Our range of custom-designed glass roofs, from lean-to roofs or multi-hipped designs, can span large parts of your roof and often appeal to customers with different requirements. 

Putting the design of glass roofs first

Every single one of our roofs is carefully calculated and designed in-house to ensure they fit the exact dimensions requested. Whether this is a lean-to roof or a more complex design, our team of specialists will work with you, your architect and your builder to get you the best solution. 

Here are some of the custom options to consider -

Solar Control Glass - Roofs fitted with solar control glass will incorporate a self-cleaning coating that helps to keep the surface clean of dirt and watermarks. Using double-glazed solar-control glass reduces the amount of heat transmittance through the glass that prevents the rooms below from getting too hot in summer and too cold in winter. 

Energy Efficient - The aluminium structure of glass roofs is thermally broken, which prevents cold-bridging giving you superior thermal performance and makes the space below the roof usable at any time of year. 

The Overall Design Solution - Because we design and manufacture a wide range of rooflight products in-house, Natralight is able to integrate bespoke glass roofs into overall glazing solutions for your property.

Talk to the Glass Roofs Experts now

If you have any burning questions about glass roofs, please do not hesitate to contact Natralight today. For over 30 years we have been providing roof light and structural glazing solutions for customers right across the country.

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