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How Glass Helps Prevent Overheating in Multi-Storey Buildings

How Glass Helps Prevent Overheating in Multi-Storey Buildings

While April was a colder month than expected, but overheating in buildings is still a concern for many businesses as summer approaches.

The Climate Change Committee has predicted that there will be an increase of 0.6 degrees between now and 2050; making the case for investing in rooflights as soon as possible.

Planning for the future with rooflights and high-quality glazing

As the country gets warmer buildings will need to become more tightly insulated, something that has been recognised in forthcoming new building regulations; with guidance on mitigating the risk of overheating in new dwellings.

Changes to Part L for new non-domestic buildings are set to come into force in June 2022, with more demand for high performing products that will keep buildings cool in the summer. 

Early planning for these changes is needed soon with consideration for the health risks associated with overheating; including dehydration, heat syncope and heat stroke.

Skylights for all properties

Here are just some of the reasons why rooflights will instantly enhance your property -

Energy efficiency - Investing in our skylights will reduce your overall reliance on artificial lighting, which results in a more attractive working space and cheaper utility bills. These savings will pay for the long term investment in a rooflight. 

Natralight provides thermally broken skylights with low-emittance coatings that reduce the U-value factor and reduces heat loss in winter.

Promote Good Health and Mood - More exposure to natural light provides your body with more Vitamin D which in turn, promotes good muscle health, bones and boosts your overall metabolism. 

Ventilation - If you choose one of our opening rooflights, you will increase the ventilation of the building.  Our range is designed to open easily (whether manually or electronically) to allow the release of warm air and make the space more hospitable.

Privacy - With businesses being built in greater proximity to each other, it can be a challenge to provide plenty of natural daylight while maintaining the privacy of the building's occupants. 

Commercial skylights solve this problem effortlessly, as when installed a flat roof it doesn't provide an angle where nearby buildings can peer in. 

Get in touch for more information

If you have any questions about installing flat fixed rooflights in your business, please do not hesitate to contact Natralight now. For over three decades we have provided a quality range of rooflight products to clients all over the country.