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Embrace the sunshine with Walk on Glass

Embrace the sunshine with Walk on Glass

Summer has finally arrived and with it has come some extremely sunny weather which just begs to slap on the suntan lotion and enjoy it. If you are also considering transforming an outdoor space that also benefits you indoors - have you considered walk on glass from Natralight?

For those who already have a rooftop terrace or for those considering adding one to their homes, walk-on glazing gives you a stunning architectural piece that helps to temperature control the room below.

They don’t have to be a solely outdoor fixture either, as you can also employ them indoors, to perhaps add some natural light to an area that doesn’t have windows, such as a basement.

Do walk-on rooflights meet Building Regulations?

Walk-on skylights are suitable for residential applications and have been designed to meet the imposed load requirements of BS EN 1991 Subcategories A1, A2, A3 and A5. This means your rooflights are capable of withstanding a uniform distributed load (UDL) of 2.5kN/m² and a concentrated load of 2.0kN.

Please note, for new projects started after 1st October 2013, walk-on skylights stating only compliance to the lower loads defined by BS6399 (1.5kN/m² UDL and 1.4kN concentrated load) need to be avoided.

What to consider before investing in rooflights 

Usage - Will the rooflight be walked on by authorised personnel or the general public? How much traffic do you estimate the roof light will receive once installed

Risk - Is there any risk of tripping or falling near the walk on glass once installed? Another consideration should be for below the roof light, in case people or objects fall from above.

Location - If someone fell on your roof light and damaged it, would this affect the rest of your roof?

Cost - Cheaper does not mean better, so investing in high-quality walk-on glazing from Natralight will ensure you get a spectacular installation that is completely safe.

Get in touch with any questions

If you have any questions about walk-on glazing, please do not hesitate to contact Natralight now. Don’t forget we offer a free no-obligation quote for all of our rooflight products.