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Curved vs flat rooflights

Curved vs flat rooflights

If you have decided to have roofights installed in your home or business, you could choose between curved or flat rooflights.

The benefits of roof lights are plentiful, including giving your building more natural light, increased moods plus lower energy costs due to using less artificial light.

For this blog, we will break down the different features of both types of rooflight, so you can make an informed decision.

Comparing different rooflights

Curved Rooflights

An eye-catching design that incorporates natural light into your room, that have been popular for many years. 

Increased Light - As we have mentioned, skylights add more sunlight into your home or business, with curved versions adding more than flat versions. The curvature of their design allows it to bend the light from the sun and simply add a light extra light to the room below.

Weather-Durable - It can dampen your mood to watch your rooflight fill up with rain or snow. Curved skylights don't have this issue as their design allows for rain and snow to easily slide off. This makes sure that you will be able to enjoy your rooflight, no matter the weather.

Flat Rooflights

Flat rooflights have continued to be popular for domestic and commercial properties over many years. The design of flat skylights allows it to easily align with your roof; giving it a seamless flow. They will add more of a modern feel to your home or business whilst offering all the practical benefits of a curved rooflight. 

Using glass units for skylights increases the building's energy efficiency plus it can be completely sealed, therefore keeping heat in during the winter and keeping heat out in the summer. 

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It's important to speak with a professional before deciding on the type of rooflight you would like. There are many other factors to consider, such as the type of roof you have. The professionals at Natralight can help guide you through your questions and lead you to the ideal rooflight. 

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