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Why you should consider glass balustrades

Why you should consider glass balustrades

Glass balustrades from Natralight can be used in many buildings, internally and externally to support staircases, balconies, providing safety and security. 

While various materials can be used to create a striking and functional balustrade, glass versions have become very popular due to the benefits we will highlight in this blog. 

A frameless glass balustrade is a regular fixture in modern architecture and interior design.

6 Reasons to choose glass balustrades

1. Create the illusion of more space - Glass elements are extremely popular for modern home design as they help to create the illusion of more space. A glass balustrade for stairs or elevated areas gives you a transparent border that creates an open, fresh and more expansive atmosphere. 

2. Glass will not block the light - Glass railings allow natural light to shine through to your property, creating a more open, airy feel while indoors. 

3. Glass is great for modern interiors - One of the main advantages of installing a glass balustrade is the level of sophistication it adds to your home. If you are considering selling your home in the future this will also increase the resale value considerably.

4. Glass is easy to clean - Commercial glass cleaning products coupled with a lint-free cloth will keep your new installation looking great within just a few minutes. Polishing restores glass to its original beauty. 

5. A strong and durable solution - While cleaning your balustrades is an essential task, the ongoing maintenance is quite minimal. Glass is more durable than wood, which is often prone to pest infestation and corrosion.

6. Safe and secure - Modernised glass is strong and safe, with tempered glass that is used for balustrades rarely breaking. Extreme structural pressure is needed to break these balustrades, which makes them as strong as steel. 

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