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The beauty of choice with our Box Sliding Rooflights

The beauty of choice with our Box Sliding Rooflights

Box sliding rooflights from Natralight are available as a free-standing skybox or a three wall-mounted version.

For this blog, we will tell you all about our boxed skylights.

The components for boxed slider skylights

We often get customers who have terraced properties looking for a product that offers a physical structure plus fixed walls of glass that provide a balustrade around the opening. This also allows the handrail to continue right up to the point of leaving the box and stepping onto the roof terrace. 

The boxed roof light consists of two sections; a fixed section and one sliding section. The sliding section slides over the fixed section, creating a 50% clear opening that allows the user to walk through and out of the skylight. All the glass we use is flush, to allow water runoff and easy cleaning plus it maintains maximum security.

The thermally broken detail on the fixed frame and insulated flashings on the sliding frame almost prevent direct contact between the warm internal frame and the exterior cold air, which reduces heat loss and condensation from forming. Carriage design also includes large diameter wheels to provide minimal rolling resistance on the anodized rails. Drainage is included on the lower track to stop the build-up of debris within the framework.

How do box sliding rooflights work?

All Natralight's versions of sliding rooflights are low-noise in operation, with electronic solid-state controls with battery back-up, manual override and speed control as standard. The units are pre-assembled and tested at our factory in West Bromwich, usually craned into position, fitted and commissioned in no time. The manual override of each unit is located with a 90° turn of an Allen key that engages/disengages the motor from the drive mechanism which allows the product to be pushed open/closed. 

The roof light itself opens electrically, operated by a rocker switch positioned at the choice of the customer. 

Free no-obligation quotes from Natralight

If you are considering adding box sliding rooflights to your home, please do not hesitate to contact Natralight now for a free, no-obligation quote.