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What Are the Applications of Walk On Glass?

What Are the Applications of Walk On Glass?

Glass is such a prominent feature of modern architecture and design; especially walk-on glass which has plenty of different applications.

This is no surprise as we know at Natralight, this type of glass is both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional.

Walk-on glazing is toughened with a certified anti-slip surface and is manufactured from layers of toughened glass bonded together which creates a safe, strong surface. It looks impressive in commercial or domestic interior or exterior design and can fulfil important practical purposes such as gaining more natural light and making greater use of floor or roof space.

For this blog, we will suggest a number of areas you could employ walk-on glass.

4 Areas You Can Use Walk-On Glass

1. Floors - The most common use of walk-on glazing is in flooring. Glass floors will always make a statement in any building whether used on a balcony floor, steps, stair treads or a bespoke space in your home. It helps to deflect natural daylight plus maximises the appearance of the size of a space.

Walk-on glazed floors also feature an anti-slip component which ensures a safe and strong surface, offering a perfect blend of safety and eye-catching design.

2. Walkways and Bridges - Structural walk-on glazed panels can be used to create spectacular walkways and bridges. Supported by steel supports or structural glass beams means they can stretch large distances if required.

This type of glazing can also be used in both internal and external walkways and bridges, making it ideal for commercial buildings such as shopping centres, office blocks, leisure centres, hospitals, hotels and colleges.

3. Rooflights - A walk-on glazed roof or rooflight is ideal for roof terraces or interior ceilings where there is a requirement to deflect light below and where pedestrian access is needed on the surface. This feature can be used in hotel gardens where a gym or seating area lies below plus bar or nightclub garden terraces where further levels of the building lie below.

Rooflights are a perfect choice for basement conversions and other hard to illuminate areas plus they are frequently used on patio roofs and conservatory areas allowing pedestrian access in the event of an emergency or cleaning.

4. Well/Hole Covers - Panels of walk-on glazing can be used as well as covers, light wells and wine cellar covers. This glass can make them much more aesthetically pleasing instead of a metal or wooden well, light or cellar cover. The glass panels need to be suitable for pedestrian access or these areas will become unsafe unless there is restricted access. Another area walk-on glazed panels are regularly used is in electric residential swimming pool covers.

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