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Why Install a Curved Rooflight?

Why Install a Curved Rooflight?

When planning your rooflight installation, you have a range of options to choose from in order to make it your own, everything from flat fixed rooflights to curved rooflights. This latter example in particular could be a very good addition to the right home. 

Extremely popular in the mid noughties, curved rooflights have recently started to have a renaissance – particularly in homes that have been converted from industrial spaces. In this article, we’ll be going through some of the reasons why you may want to install a curved rooflight in your home, as well as the benefits that come from such an installation.  

Increased Light

The first reason why you may want to consider having a curved rooflight installed in your home is because they offer an increased level of light compared to both traditional rooflights and a non-rooflight home.  

Science has already demonstrated the benefits of natural light in terms of Vitamin D production, mental health, and productivity. As such, having the maximum amount of increased light is imperative. However, it’s not just the health benefits of natural light that should make you want to consider a more circular rooflight. Natural light is simply a very efficient and effective way of lighting a room, and having more of that light in a space isn’t a bad thing. 

Weather Durable

The next reason why you should consider having curved rooflights over traditional rooflights is that structured glass is an extremely strong shape, able to withstand far harsher weather conditions compared to traditional rooflights – even compared to walk on glass rooflights. This is because the circular shape of curved rooflights is far stronger than traditionally fixed flat glass – with the force of any impact being spread out over a wide area of the rooflight. This makes curved rooflights extremely durable. 

Design Conscious

The final reason why you may want to consider a curved rooflight for your home is that they are just beautiful. Curved rooflights are extremely unique in terms of design. They make a bold statement, and bring to mind some truly classic architectural styles. Because of this, curved rooflights are very well suited for modern buildings, as well as loft conversions for formerly industrial spaces. 

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