Sliding Rooflights

Sliding Rooflights by Natralight

 We have years of experience designing, manufacturing and installing Sliding Rooflights, meaning our bespoke glass installation will be the perfect fit for your property.

Whether you are looking for a dramatic feature for your home, or are looking to update your commercial property, we offer a range of stylish options. 

Sliding Rooflights Are a Versatile Option

Sliding rooflights are available with a range of options, and can be tailored to meet your exact needs. Furthermore, we offer a unique service in that we design, manufacture, and install sliding rooflights, walk on glass, and structural glass using in house facilities and teams. 

We offer a range of versatile options for your sliding rooflights:

Box Type Sliding Rooflights – The perfect option for properties featuring roof terraces, these allow access onto the roof of your property.

Lean To Box Type Access Rooflights – Another sleek and practical solution for roof terrace access.

Bi Parting Sliding Rooflights – These allow maximum roof opening area in places where space may be too limited for a full sliding rooflight.

Full Sliding Rooflights – An option which allows unparalleled ventilation and maximises natural lighting in the space below.

Half Sliding Rooflights – This style of rooflight features a glass panel which slides over a second, fixed panel when open.

You can further tailor your rooflights by selecting an opening method which suits your needs. We offer manual opening options, and also a range of electric opening types. If you opt for electric rooflight opening, we will fit a small and quiet electric motor which will make opening and closing your new rooflights incredibly convenient. Additionally, you can also opt to have a rain sensor fitted, and remote controlled opening and closing for maximum ease of use. 

Contact Us to Enquire About Sliding Rooflights

If you are interested in having bespoke sliding rooflights installed in your property, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our teams are always happy to discuss your requirements, and will work with you to create a perfect, bespoke product for your property.