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Walk on Glass Perfect for Roof Gardens in London

Walk on Glass Perfect for Roof Gardens in London

Walk on glass from Natralight for roof gardens on properties in London is becoming increasingly popular.

New industry statistics have revealed that the capital now has more rooftop gardens than Tokyo and Singapore.

Elevated green spaces now cover 371 acres (which is bigger than Hyde Park!) with architects, planners and developers doing their bit to battle climate change.

Popular Spaces for Roof Gardens

These spaces are being created on skyscrapers, private homes and commercial buildings resulting in a patchwork of green roofs appearing across London.

For example, the Fulham riverside development completed just over 18 months ago boasts a roof garden with an incredible 6600 plants, 108 trees and a 10-foot waterfall!

Dusty Gedge, President of the European Federation of Green Roof and Wall is delighted with this growing trend, saying,

“While there is evidence that green roofs can remove particulates associated with air pollution; it’s the space they provide that’s more important to people.

“In this way, people and wildlife have access to greenery and where there is greenery and the air is likely to be fresher. Buildings make up the majority of London’s footprint making them the perfect platform for parks, gardens and unofficial nature reserves.”

Stylish Walk on Glass in London

Natralight’s range of walk-on glass is an exciting addition to any home; especially those that have been converted into rooftop gardens or social spaces.

Already powder-coated in RAL 7016 anthracite grey (semi-gloss) our walk on glass provides a 1.5KN per square metre load.

Talk to Us about Walk on Glass in London

If you are thinking of transforming your rooftop space into something truly unique then walk on glass is a must. Providing natural light to the rooms below, this will also save you money on heating bills due to the glazing’s thermal efficiency.

If you’d like to know more about our walk on glass in London and other areas, please contact us today.