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Specialists in Walk on Glass in London

Specialists in Walk on Glass in London

Walk on glass in London properties offers multiple benefits for homeowners looking to modernise their living space.

Natralight have worked on numerous homes and buildings across the country, installing made to measure walk on rooflights that are functional and aesthetically pleasing.

One of our most high profile project of recent years was adding a load-bearing walk on glass to areas of Stirling Castle for Historic Environment Scotland. This stunning rural location has become a big attraction for fans of popular TV show Outlander plus hosting concerts from Bob Dylan, R.E.M and Ocean Colour Scene.

Structurally Stunning Walk on Glass in London

Structural glass floors are not only stunning from a design perspective but allow extra light to permeate your rooms below.

Walk on glass is also a practical option for many different areas of your home that may have been previously starved of light.

By installing walk on glass roof panels to a basement area, for example, you will instantly brighten up this space and by adding an anti-slip finish means you will be able to walk across it like it’s just another part of your floor.

If you live in a busy and populated area of London, you may not be able to extend outwards so modifications like walk on glass will open up rooms and save you money on energy bills.

Wherever you decide to install rooflights, they will offer improved thermal efficiency to those rooms which help keep them cool in summer and retain heat in the winter.

Walk on Glass in London from Natralight

As experienced providers of walk on glass in London, Natralight is continually developing our product range to ensure it’s one of the finest on the market.

With a modern sleek aluminium frame and low profile finish our range of walk on glass give stunning internal views and is perfect for flat roof terraces.

If you’d like to talk to the leaders in the natural light and glazing industry, please get in touch today and see how we can transform your home.