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Solutions for Sliding Rooflights

Solutions for Sliding Rooflights

Natralight have been one of the leading installers of a wide range of rooflights in the UK and Europe. One of our most popular rooflight options is versatile sliding rooflights.

Here are some examples of the different types of sliding rooflights we offer -

Bi-parting Sliding Rooflights - Ideal for access to a roof terrace, they also keep a slim and compact profile meaning they can be used for smaller spaces.

Full Sliding Rooflights - Offering superb ventilation and maximum exposure to natural light, they also have extras such as a remote opening that allows you to control ventilation at your own convenience.

Half Sliding Rooflights - Comprising of two glass panels with one that slides over the other in order to open up for providing plenty of ventilation into your property.

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