Glass Lean To Roof

Glass Lean To Roof Installations by Natralight

Here at Natralight, we have seen glass lean to roof constructions becoming more and more popular with our customers over the years. Durable, attractive, and modern, they present an elegant solution if you’re looking to create additional space in your property. 

Our master craftsmen are experts when it comes to creating bespoke glass lean to features and extensions. We operate state of the art in house facilities, and offer a unique, complete service for your glass lean to roof and other structural glass such as sliding rooflights.

A Glass Lean To Roof Option for Every Property

A glass lean to roof is a highly technical construction. Our technicians precision cut aluminium sheets, which are then welded with the glass. The structure is then thoroughly cleaned down and coated. We have decades of experience in creating these glass lean to roof structures across the UK, and are confident you will love the high quality, professional finish we provide in every one of our projects. 

One of the main benefits of glass lean to roof structures is that they allow you to flood your space with natural light. The health effects of exposure to sunlight have long been known, and as well as this, choosing a glass lean to roof means you can reduce your exposure to fluorescent lighting. Natural light has also been known to improve productivity and improve mood. These factors mean that glass lean to roof structures are perfectly suited to home offices, commercial and residential properties, and even schools.

A cost effective option for those looking to create extra space in their property, a glass lean to roof might be exactly what your building has been missing; they can even help reduce the amount spent on lighting your home!

Glass Lean To Roof

Contact Us Today for A Bespoke Glass Lean To Roof

If you’re interested in having a bespoke glass lean to roof structure designed and built for your home or other property, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! Our teams are always happy to discuss your requirements, offer help and advice, and talk you through any stage of the process. We can also offer pricing quotes! You can also take a look at our portfolio and case studies for ideas and inspiration.