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What is a Pyramid Rooflight?

What is a Pyramid Rooflight?

Pyramid rooflights from Natralight are a contemporary evolution of the traditional roof lantern.

The two main options that are popular with our customers, a square pyramid rooflight at 45° which incorporates an LED down-lighter in the apex cap, allowing the unit to bit lit at night transforming and become an architectural feature. 

Alternatively, there is a lantern or 'elongated pyramid' style which benefits from the same glass to glass joints as the square unit. This type of skylight adds a touch of contemporary style to a flat roof and maximises the amount of daylight your building receives.

The Key Features of Pyramid Skylights

Pyramid skylights have many key features including - 

  • Slim steel sections and silicone fronting to glazing
  • Double glazed units
  • Robust 3mm steel design with a protective layer and polyester powder coating
  • Ideal for flat roof constructions
  • Glazing options which include self-cleaning
  • Frame colour-match to any RAL or BS paint colour
  • Manual or electric flexible opening option for adjustable ventilation

The Difference Between Roof Windows and Rooflights

While the terms roof window and rooflight are often interchanged, there are notable differences between the products. In accordance with EN 12519:2004 - Windows and pedestrian doors - terminology, the definition of a roof window is as follows -

'A window intended for installation in a roof or the like which is inclined. Roof windows have the same characteristics as windows installed in walls with regard to function, cleaning, maintenance and durability." 

The definition for a rooflight is not contained within EN 12519:2004. Rooflights themselves can take a number of forms from pitched pyramidal structures to horizontal units that can be walked-on. 

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