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The Many Uses of Walk on Glass

The Many Uses of Walk on Glass

The evolution of walk-on glass has made it a modern and sleek material that isn't just used for office buildings or shopping centres.

Here at Natralight, we have worked on a host of properties across London installing walk-on glass to a wide array of buildings, of all shapes and sizes.

Walk-on glass offers a toughened anti-slip surface that will add something strong, safe and spectacular to your property. Whether you just want to add a touch of class to your home or add more natural light into your rooms and ceilings; walk-on glazing is the best option.

Flood Your Home with Natural Light

In our latest blog, we are going to look at a number of ways you can you use walk-on glass -

Walk-On Glass Floors - A glass floor is a real statement piece that can be used for anything from a balcony floor to steps or as part of an internal room. This creates a feeling of space and allows maximum daylight.

Internal glass floors can be sunk into the structure, meaning there's no trip risk from protruding edges. External glass floors tend to be tougher as they need to cope with the weather and increased foot traffic. They also have better U values that are similar to traditional double glazed windows or contemporary flat glass rooflights.

Glass Walkways and Bridges - Walk-on glass for walkways and bridges allow for an amazing view below the bridge, while still giving you a strong enough surface to walk across. This sort of walkway is extremely popular in shopping centres, office blocks, hospitals, hotels and colleges as well as other outdoor locations, allowing for the best possible view.

Rooflights - If you have a roof terrace or an interior ceiling, walk-on glass is the perfect match that gives you more natural daylight into the rest of the building. One popular application is in hotel garden areas where a gym or a seating area is stationed below, and a garden terrace bar is above. 

This concept is also used increasingly in residential buildings to split up the levels of a house. Patio roofs and conservatories also use walk-on glass because it makes easy to maintain - because the roof can be walked on.

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