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Understanding Walk On Glass

Understanding Walk On Glass

Here at Natralight, we understand why walk-on glass has become an architectural statement for homes all over the country.

The innovative use of glass continues to expand, with glazing now available in a number of different colours, textures, shapes and designs for people looking to transform their living space. 

What Does a Glass Floor Give You?

A glass floor provides an exciting combination of style and function, which makes a dramatic impact in both residential and commercial properties. 

Glass floors give you another decorative dimension for your interiors, adding a touch of sophistication plus they are resistant to moisture and a number of other infestations.

The most obvious concern when it comes to using a lot of glass is safety, but having comprehensive calculations for its thickness and construction are what will decide its purpose in your property. 

Glass allows light to pass through the floor which creates a very airy and luxurious dwelling. Once the natural light permeates the space it will create different moods and form a seamless transition between your rooms. 

Glazing can be used in landings and 'see-throughs' from one floor to another enhancing its visual appeal whilst adding an artistic touch. 

Why Choose Walk On Glass?

Glass flooring is also easy to clean and aesthetically pleasing, making any room look bright and stylish. More and more people are seeing glass as the contemporary and fashionable option for flooring. 

The main objectives of a glass floor are being safe and durable. 

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