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Suntuitive Dynamic Glass from Natralight

Suntuitive Dynamic Glass from Natralight

Here at Natralight, we are always trying to be innovative bringing new technologies and methods to our rooflights.

Introducing Suntuitive self-tinting glass a product that will become the newest additional extra to all our glass products.

What is Suntuitive?

Suntuitive glass naturally and passively adapts throughout the day, every day of the year, constantly balancing the heat and glare coming into the building. The glass comes in four ranges:

Mono Lite

School Defender


Dynamic Glass

Suntuitive Dynamic Glass is the world’s leading innovator in a self-tinting glass. Suntuitive is also used by more certified fabricators than any other dynamic glass in the world! A large collection of fabricators around the world means that your glass can be fabricated here at Natralight, making it more cost-effective and sustainable.

The defender is a dynamic bulletproof safety glass product in the world that combines the benefits of dynamic glass with the safety aspects of forced entry protection and bullet resistance. This glass will provide your work environment with peace of mind offering you a secure working space.  

The defender can be used to protect a range of buildings such as courthouses, stadiums, community centres, and police buildings. This type of protective glazing is designed for advanced protection and is highly effective. Glass has long been considered the weak pint for many buildings but with the development of the Suntuitive defender this will become a thing of the past.    

The MonoLite Suntuive is a high-performance piece of glazing that we are able to provide here at Natralight. Created with just a single pane of glass creating a one of one unique solution that only can be provided by the MonoLite model.

Although only containing one single pane of glass the performance is still unmatched powered by natural sunlight MonoLite glass will transitions from light to dark without the need of an electric current and can be fitted the same way as traditional glass.

The SchoolDefender is manufactured with the protection of students in mind. Created to promote a safe environment that allows a high level of learning that is comfortable without comprising the level of natural lighting in the building. Implementing the Dynamic glass technology that is tested and designed for use in schools becoming the new standard.

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