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The Difference Between Structural Glass Facades and Slim Façade Systems

The Difference Between Structural Glass Facades and Slim Façade Systems

Structural glass from Natralight is a fantastic alternative to a traditional facade glazed system.

If you are looking to create an entire wall of glass as part of a design aesthetic, you can create a prominent feature with a facade that minimises framing using the largest glass panes feasible.

Using high specification glass with bespoke fixing details we can create entire elevations of glass with no visible frame or fixing. 

For our latest blog, we are going to explore the differences between a structural glass facade and a glass elevation constructed with a slim framed facade system.

Understanding Framing Systems

The majority of minimal facade systems use an aluminium frame, with the most minimal facade system having a framing system with sightlines of 35mm on the face. 

Facade systems also have to consider the size of the 'box' behind the glass that gives it its strength, with these box sections varying in depth dependant on the elevation's height and the wind load of the installation.

Choosing the Right Glass Size 

Structural glazing is not governed by maximum glass sizes or weight restrictions, with the only glass size restriction on most projects being the access to the site and your budget. 

The largest glass panes in the UK, known as 'Jumbo Sheet ‘, are 6m x 3.2m, with panes of glass used to create a glass facade design and a really impressive finish

With so much choice available for structural glass installations, the cost can vary dramatically, depending on what you are looking to achieve with this installation.

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