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Structural Glass is Perfect for Balustrades

Structural Glass is Perfect for Balustrades

A frameless glass balcony will complement any design rather than challenge its aesthetic and enables you to create panoramic balcony views from supporting posts, columns and rails.

Natralight is one of the leading providers of frameless structural glass solutions which include frameless balustrades, glass floors, walls, facades and glass box extensions.

Balustrades are a railing system made from numerous supporting vertical posts (or spindles) called 'balusters' which are connected together and spaced evenly apart to form a unit with a handrail positioned across the top. 

They are an extremely popular choice for modern architects that want a railing system that is versatile and durable plus allowing light to flow throughout the space. 

Why Choose Frameless Balustrading

Frameless balustrading is particularly adept at creating clear lines of sight in high traffic areas such as walkways and lobbies - making them a smart choice for an office revamp. 

They also make spaces typically prone to presenting collision hazards safer.

No two installations of balustrading are the same, from length and levels to glass colour and steel finishes plus we can customise the frameless system to your specifications. 

When you have decided where balustrades will fit best in your property, our CAD specialists can draw up a unique design. 

We can easily add stylish glazed balustrades to your home or rental property plus commercial properties. There are more considerations for commercial premises such as health and safety rules, building regulations, timeframes, budget restrictions and design requirements. 

Glazed balustrades also guide pedestrian traffic, create secure balconies, line areas around stairs, lifts, pools and lobbies.

Here are some examples where we can install glazed balustrades - 

  • Airports
  • Apartments
  • Banks
  • Domestic homes
  • Entertainment venues
  • Gardens, decks and patios
  • Gyms and leisure centres
  • Hotels
  • Local government
  • Museums and public spaces
  • Office suites
  • Retail shops and shopping centres
  • Restaurants
  • Sports venues
  • Swimming pools

The History of Balustrades

The main purposes of balustrades are safety and privacy plus they help to reduce the possibility of people or objects falling from heightened platforms such as staircases, a terrace or balcony. 

The term comes from the Italian word 'balaustra' which translates to 'pomegranate flower' which is due to the shape of the traditional balusters that resembles the look of a blossoming, partially opened pomegranate flower. 

Transform Your Property with Natralight

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