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Specifying Walk on Rooflights for your Home

Specifying Walk on Rooflights for your Home

If you are considering walk-on rooflights for your property, it is important to know some of the technical specifications which make this such a great choices for homes and businesses alike.

Natralight boast over 30 years of glazing industry experience, having manufactured high-quality rooflights for properties all over the country - including parts of London such as Westminster.

Here we will discuss how rooflights will add considerable value to your home and a touch of style!

Technical Details of Rooflights

Natralight would recommend that regardless of overall dimensions of your rooflights, a minimum three-degree fall is sufficient so water will drain off the surface of the glass and avoid ponding. This is a process where puddles of water on the glass surface evaporate and leave unsightly dirt and stains on the glass.

With this three-degree fall, individual droplets of water will stay on the glass as they would on vertical glazing; but larger pools of water won't form.

The only exception for this rule is where walk-on specification glass is being used; as the glass only needs to be as level as possible for its chosen application.

For walk-on purposes, we would recommend having one-degree fall wherever possible to allow some runoff. The risk of ponding is slightly greater, but because walk-on glass is much thicker in order to carry the design floor loadings, the deflections relative pane size is far less than with standard double or triple glazing. 

Additionally, since the unit is accessible, the glazing can be cleaned much more easily so water ponding is not as big an issue.

Contact Natralight about Walk-On Rooflights Today

The beauty of working with Natralight on adding your rooflights to your property is that we can create bespoke solutions for each individual customer.

If you would like to know more about our range of walk-on rooflights, please get in touch now.