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How to Replace Old Skylights with Natralight

How to Replace Old Skylights with Natralight

If you have had rooflights installed a number of years ago but are looking to refresh your home’s look in 2020; Natralight is here to help.

The first task we will undertake is measuring for a suitable replacement, which will be determined by the skylight already on the roof.

For our latest blog, we are going to explain how our installation team would fit brand new skylights on your roof.

Next, we will need to identify the brand of your current skylight, as well as the model, size, variants and product information. The identification tag can usually be found in the following areas:

The inside frame

One of the four exterior sides

Inside the ventilation flap

Even with the product ID tag information, it is still important to measure your old skylight to ensure we get the replacement size that fits the best.

We will need to measure the drywall opening length and width on the inside of the house, the length and width of the exterior glass inside cladding plus the overall size of the rooflight.

Your Choice of Skylights

Flat fixed rooflights are one of the most popular products offered by Natralight, as they offer excellent thermal value plus, they are cost-effective.

Our bespoke service gives you the choice of all different shapes including rectangular and circular skylights.

Here at Natralight, we work with the latest CAD software, which helps us to iron out any issues long before installation begins on your new skylights. 

Each of our products comes with a minimum five-year guarantee and most importantly, our prices are competitive!

Some of our recent work includes installations at the award-winning Salcombe Harbour Hotel plus fire-rated rooflights right across London.

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