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Save Money with a Bespoke Flat Fixed Rooflight!

Save Money with a Bespoke Flat Fixed Rooflight!

Flat fixed rooflights are one of our most popular options here at Natralight and we are not at all surprised! One of the key concerns shared by property owners across the UK is increasing energy bills, both for lighting and heating. With a flat fixed rooflight from Natralight however, this problem becomes a thing of the past! Our flat fixed rooflights are renowned for being a cost effective solution for allowing natural light and thermal value into any room, they also look incredibly stylish!

Flat Fixed Rooflights To Suit Any Property!

No property is the same so why should rooflights be any different? At Natralight, we pride ourselves on offering a bespoke service to our customers which enables you to choose a flat fixed rooflight in any shape that you like. Using in-house CAD designs, our team of expert designers can help you to get the perfect flat fixed rooflight, whether you want a rectangular, curved or square rooflight! 

In addition to offering flexibility on shape, each flat fixed rooflight that we install is double glazed as standard to ensure that your rooms are protected from cool draughts and noise pollution. The rooflights also feature a contemporary low profile finish and frameless internal views to provide you with an optimum level of natural lighting. On top of this, our flat fixed rooflights also come with a fantastic 5 year warranty to give you total peace of mind! With so many benefits, there really is no need to look elsewhere!

Find Out More About Our Flat Fixed Rooflights:

At Natralight, we pride ourselves on designing and installing innovative rooflights which enhance the aesthetic of domestic and commercial properties whilst also lowering energy bills. During our thirty years working within the natural lighting industry, we have become a leading supplier of flat fixed rooflights across the UK and we have even appeared on Grand Designs! Put simply, Natralight is a name that you can trust! So, if you are interested in purchasing a bespoke flat fixed rooflight which is both stylish and practical, contact us today!