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Safe and Stylish Rooflights from Natralight

Safe and Stylish Rooflights from Natralight

Rooflights installed safely, is one of the primary requirements of our expert installation team here at Natralight.

All our glazed rooflights use a toughened glass outer pane and a strengthened laminated inner, meaning in the event of the glass breaking for any reason. The occupants below remain safe, as the broken glass is held in place by the interlayer. 

Striking the Balance Between Rooflights that are Safety and Stylish

Our range of fire rated rooflights offers both a stylish glazing option for your home as well as 30 to 60-minute integrity and fire insulated rooflights. These styles of rooflights offers the maximum amount of light to enter your home with a high-temperature resistance. 

Our highly experienced design team will work with you and help you to decide which type of rooflights will work best for your property. Once we’ve discussed the style of roof light that’s best, we then design it to your exact specifications. 

Rooflights you can walk on

We design rooflights to the individuality of our customers! So, depending on the dimensions of your home and the placement of your rooflights. Given the toughened glazing used in our installations – builders, window cleaners or maintenance workers will be able to walk across it without the fear of it breaking.

In addition to the stylish and sleek appeal of rooflights, they also offer huge safety benefits. In the design stage if you would like to use your roof light as an emergency exit, this can be arranged. Extremely popular for city homes in upper bedrooms as escape routes. 

Get in Touch and Discuss Our Rooflights Range

Based centrally in the West Midlands, here at Natralight we have been providing innovative glazing solutions for a wide range of properties for over 30 years. We offer a minimum of 5-year warranty for all our packages, with quick delivery times and competitive prices.

Contact us today to discuss what sort of rooflights you require, and our friendly team will be able to recommend the best product from our range, which will transform your property.