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Bespoke rooflights to transform your home

Bespoke rooflights to transform your home

Rooflights are a great addition to the design of your garden room extension or orangery, as they allow more natural light into the room below whilst also enhancing your properties exterior.

Here at Natralight we offer both flat and pitched designs, and our highly skilled design team can also work with you to create something truly bespoke if required because we understand that everyone has different needs when it comes to their glazing and indeed, their home. 

Rooflights for garden room extensions

Garden rooms are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to conservatories and orangeries due to the minimal groundwork needed when constructed and the multiple uses for the space within. Taking the size and dimensions of your garden room into consideration, our expert design team can create stunning rooflights to fit and complement the style of your extension.

As a leading provider of rooflights and structural glazing we have a range of options to choose from including lantern rooflights, pyramid and flat rooflights, all of which will allow more natural light into the area. With our toughened glazing you can also have temperature control without spending more on your heating.

Lantern rooflights commonly used for orangeries

Lantern rooflights are frequently used in the design of modern day orangeries and will give you maximum light into the room below. If your existing orangery is looking a little worn, this could be the perfect solution for you, allowing you to breathe some new life into what is a timeless feature.

You may not know that the term orangery comes from Portuguese traders who introduced other parts of Europe to the sweet fruit back in the 14th century. The traders used specifically constructed buildings for storage which quickly became known as orangeries. After years of use as storage for fruit they became luxurious options for homeowners looking to extend their property.

Find out more about our rooflights

Here at Natralight, we pride ourselves on offering both standard products and a completely bespoke service, whether you are considering a rooflight for a garden room, orangery or extension. To find out more about our our products and services, please contact us today, a member of our friendly team will be more than happy to help and can discuss which sort of rooflight would best suit your home.