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Rooflights from Natralight with Mental Health Benefits

Rooflights from Natralight with Mental Health Benefits

Rooflights manufactured from Natralight don’t just look stunning in your property but also have benefits for those with mental health problems or dementia.

For care homes and retirements villages, having plenty of natural lighting provided by rooflights and glazing is crucial because it delivers good colour interpretation for people with dementia. The sight of naturally vibrant colours such as orange and yellow can trigger memories and cognitive function, according to research.

People with mobility issues also get their daily dose of Vitamin D which also helps balance their sleep patterns, so having areas indoors that are flooded with light such as a rooflight atrium are an important aspect of the building design.

Sunlight is also thought to increase the brain’s release of the serotonin hormone, which is associated with boosting mood and helping people feel calm and focused. Ageing eyes need twice as much light as younger eyes, with contrast reduced and some colours hard to see. 

Create Communities with Rooflights

Installing rooflights in a communal area of a property such as a retirement village will give your residents a space to socialise whilst bathed in sunlight. This could be either rooflights or a lean-to glazing option in a conservatory-type space.

It can be daunting for residents to move into an unfamiliar environment so seeing people already living there mingling together will help put them at ease and invoke a welcoming atmosphere.

Bespoke Options for Rooflights

Using the highest quality of materials, we design and manufacture a wide range of rooflights that will fit any sort of building including retirement villages.

We give you the option of installing rooflights on flat, gabled and curved roofs plus we can advise you on whether they will be suitable for your roof. Our in-house team use the latest CAD design software and iron out any issues before the glazing is constructed, making the installation process smooth and trouble-free.

From our base in West Bromwich at the heart of the Midlands, we can deliver a host of rooflights as well as lean-to glazing as well as walk-on glazing options bringing the best of the outside in. With over three decades of experience delivering bespoke solutions for a variety of industries, our specialists know the best glazing to get the desired results.

If you’d like to know more about any of our products, please get in touch today.