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Do Rooflights Need to Be Fire-Rated?

Do Rooflights Need to Be Fire-Rated?

It can be quite tricky to strike the balance between safe and functioning and aesthetically pleasing rooflights. Having said this, Natralight's range of fire-rated rooflights have been designed with all of these considerations in mind.

Using fire-resistant glass prevents fire spreading plus it gives you a safe escape route and an access point for residents, staff and firefighters. But do rooflights need to be fire-rated? We will explore this in our latest blog.

What Are Regulations for Fire-Rated Rooflights?

In the UK, Building Regulations Approved Document B (2006) sets out the rules for fire safety in buildings. In Section B it covers internal fire spread which also applies to the linings of both the roof and walls of buildings. Generally, these are the surface spread of flame requirements set out in BS476 Part 7 or to BS EN 13501 Part 1. Section B4 details external fire spread and applies to external coverings or roof and walls. Generally, the fire resistance requirements are detailed in BS476 Part 3 or BS EN 13501 Part 5.

Fire-rated glass rooflight products are specialist and their performance depends on the standard to which they are designed. Fire-rated products provide integrity or integrity and insulation, depending on your product specification. Typically fire-rated flush glazed rooflights offer 30 minutes integrity and 30 minutes insulation. Further information on fire ratings can be found on the NARM technical committee site.

If you are looking to specify fire-rated glazing such as our range of fixed flat rooflights for a new build, Natralight would recommend engaging with us early in the build process so we can factor this into their design.

Safety glass does not provide the level of protection that fire-rated glazing does, so we would also strongly advise against using this type of glass.

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